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Broadcasting & Media Production · Radio & Communication Equipment · Movie & Television Studio

Moss Media Services, operates under Morbit Records, LLC, as a recording and production studio. Specializing in capturing your recordings, as well as the mixing, and mastering process. Moss Media, offers affordable mixing and mastering services. MMS also will produce and customize your project if needed, and is well versed in several instruments, audio/video software, and music production. Please inquire for specifics packages and our simple mastering rates, custom tailored to your needs. Packages as low as $15.

Mastering Sample:

Please message us here directly via our email address: 

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Odessa, TX 79762


Block Rates -  
$40 - 1 hour block (minimum required)
$75 - 2 hour block 
$150.00 - 4 hour block
*Inquire for day & week rates
We offer block rate recording time only, custom rates available for bigger projects.

Mixing is included if you purchased block times and there is ample time left in the session.
If additional mixing is needed....
Per Hour Rate - $35.00
​Recorded tracks at home or another studio? We can mix those tracks for you as well. 
Mixing sessions can be booked using the per hour rate.


MMS will master your songs, to ensure they reach their utmost potential. MMS mastering processes are up to par with modern technique, and tracks will be professional, not only in volume & thickness but in crystal clear clarity as well. 
Please inquire for client specific rates and consult.
432 272 1964


Contact Marc for a consultation. MMS will include the use of the studio and staff, as well as access to local studio musicians, and providing mixdown and mastering of entire project. Additional services include duplication, graphic design, photography, artist consultation, distribution, and marketing.

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